AUNDA is a very high frequency, which one can imagine as a golden wave. This divine frequency can set about the wave of pain, treat the origin of the imbalance and dissolve it. Thus entire healing at all levels can take place.

Through treatment with the divine frequency AUNDA people of every age can regain physical, mental and spiritual balance in a natural way.


Everyone has the opportunity to accept Attilio Ferrara’s Teachings and to find their personal truth during the growth process. His Teachings show a possible and direct path for everyone to find their way back to the center, to the divine resource.

This is the path of the heart, it leads us to our own strength. Time is not relevant within this development. Important is to build the spiritual cognitions into one’s own life and to integrate them into daily life. The human being should grow equally within the trinity of body, soul, and spirit. A strong and good grounding enables a strong spiritual development.

Attilio Ferrara’s Teachings give back abilities of healing, the power of self-confidence, unconditional love, and ultimately the basic trust.

There are AUNDA-healers all over Europe, in Central America, North America, and Australia. They have accepted Attilio Ferrara’s First Teaching and are able to embrace the path of healing with AUNDA.

Many AUNDA-healers are already AUNDA-ambassadors, and they are allowed and able to pass on one or more of Attilio’s Teachings.