The Teachings of Attilio Ferrara provide the possibility to return to the divine resource. His path is revolutionary, clear, and unique on this planet.

In Attilio’s Teaching, personal responsibility plays an important role. His Teachings enable every human being to regain mastery of the self; finding what has been lost over time.

In the Teaching of Attilio Ferrara, participants consciously connect with the divine light frequency AUNDA. By the frequency rises –which in his Teaching are called consecrations – participants regain the ability to let the divine light flow through the body. You will be connected permanently with the infinite, divine resource by passing on the light frequency. Your body is becoming a channel of AUNDA; whereby the own self-healing strengths are activated and extrasensory perceptions can be reinforced.

Everyone has the opportunity to accept Attilio Ferrara’s Teachings and to find their personal truth during the growth process. Time is not relevant within this development. Important is to integrate the spiritual cognitions into one’s own life. The human being should grow equally within the trinity of body, soul, and spirit. A strong and good grounding enables a strong spiritual development.

“Become boundless and conscious.”

Attilio Ferrara